Special Delivery

A special delivery has arrived!!

eggs     EGGS!!!!!

What do you think is inside the egg?

Can you write back to me to let me know what you think is inside?


Mrs Wilcock


15 thoughts on “Special Delivery

  1. Finger spaces

    The eggs are hatching. We’ve seen them hatching. Courtney, Callum and Alfie think there is a chick inside. Sirat thinks it’s a duck and Keegan thinks its a bird off the programme Survival called Riley.

  2. Mrs W's girls

    All the girls think its a chick inside the egg. There is heat inside them as eggs need to keep warm.
    Zehra thinks its a penguin!

        1. Excited eggs!

          Jack thinks it could be a crocodile or a snake. Koby thinks it is a chicken. Alice thinks its a duck and Owen is very pleased and excited about the eggs!

  3. m.wilcock Post author

    I really enjoyed reading all of your thoughts. I am not sure now what is in the eggs. I cant wait to find out.


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