hatched chick

As you know we had a special delivery of eggs last week and you told me via the blog what you thought was in the eggs. On Wednesday morning when we arrived into school the eggs had hatched and out popped baby chicks. Please can you describe what the chicks look like and how they have changed?

I look forward to reading your replies

Mrs Wilcock

6 thoughts on “Chicks!!

  1. Courtney, Isabel, Alice and Kenzie

    The chicks look all fluffy. They are yellow but also a bit brown. They have grown a bit bigger because when they hatched they were a bit small. They look like they are talking to each other because they stand together.

  2. Heidi, Erin, Jessica, Maisie L and Emma

    They are growing in to adults . They are very fluffy and yellow. Some are yellow and some are brownish. They can walk on their own. They look the same as each other.

  3. Alfie, Ronnie, Max, Callum, Zac, Theo

    They look yellow and they are babies. They make a lot of noise going tweet tweet. They’ve got feet – two of them.

  4. Holly, Zehra, Sirat and Jake

    They’ve been eating a lot so they’ve grown bigger. They are fluffy and sort of yellow and brown. The girl ones are brown and the boy ones are yellow. They need lots of sleep so they can grow.

  5. Mrs Parker

    The reception children have told me lots of interesting things about the chicks and how they have changed. They are also looking after them beautifully!

  6. g.johns

    Sounds like you have been working hard looking after the chicks YRW. Fantastic work.

    Super describing of the chick too.

    I think you deserve a class point.

    Mrs Johns


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