The healthy caterpillar


Last week we talked about how we can stay healthy in lots of different ways. We read ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ yesterday by Eric Carle.  In the story, the Hungry Caterpillar eats lots of different fruits throughout the week however on Saturday he ate lots of unhealthy foods. Can you suggest other healthy foods that the caterpillar could eat?

I look forward to reading your replies

Mrs Wilcock

9 thoughts on “The healthy caterpillar

  1. e.davies

    Hi Reception! ..
    How exciting I love this book!..
    Maybe he could eat a big,red,sweet apple!
    Let me know what you think?!
    Miss Davies

  2. Alice, Heidi and Isabel

    Isabel thinks that he should eat carrots. Heidi thinks he should have a banana. Alice thinks he could have lettuce or cabbage. They are things that both humans and caterpillars can eat. Heidi likes pasta but she doesn’t think it would be good for a caterpillar!

  3. Koby and Max

    Max thinks that the caterpillar could eat some apples and pears and bananas. Koby thinks that the caterpillar could eat oranges and strawberries. Max then suggested we could add grapes. Mrs Parker then suggested perhaps if we chopped it all up and mixed it with fruit juice we could make a fruit salad!

    1. c.cooper

      I was going to say the same as Mrs Parker! We made fruit salads in Y4, we could have done with your fabulous ideas! Well done Koby and Max.

  4. Zehra, Lorena, Sophie, Holly

    Holly thinks he could eat leaves like lettuce and salad. Sophie thinks he could eat apples. Lorena thinks he could have spaghetti bolognaise. Pasta and chicken, wraps were Zehra’s ideas. They sound very tasty!

  5. Kenzie, Courtney, Jessica, Emma

    Courtney thinks that the caterpillar could eat strawberries. Kenzie thinks that he should try a banana. Jessica thinks he could have a juicy red apple. Emma thinks he should try a big slice of melon.

  6. Oliver, Oliver and Ronnie

    Oliver thinks he could have a cut up a red apple. Ronnie thinks he could have a juicy orange. Oliver thinks he should try a nice green pear. The boys’ favourite fruits are apples.

  7. Jack, Jonah and Callum

    They think he could have chocolate as long as he doesn’t have it every day. He could have it as a treat. He could eat apples, carrots and tomatoes and spinach. Jack’s favourite are tomatoes. Jack only likes tomatoes if they’re little.


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