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Cow Parade

Last week we were very busy designing and creating our very own cow.

As our topic was sculpture we decided to make a cow with a difference. We used the idea of the Cow Parade. The Cow Parade is an international public art exhibit that has been featured in major world cities. Fiberglass sculptures of cows are decorated by local artists, and distributed over the city centre, in public places such as train stations, important avenues, and parks. They often feature artwork and designs specific to local culture, as well as city life and other relevant themes.


As we have been looking at Cows and milk we decided to place different types of milkshakes onto the cow.

Firstly we drew our very own cow- Miss Rogers took all our designs and used details from each design to create a year group cow. On Monday we used modroc (a plaster bandage) to cover the cow- this was very fun but extremely messy. We had to let it dry so in the meantime we designed our own milkshake; we drew a fruit onto a milkshake carton and then collaged it with different materials. We also chose contrasting colours to back our milkshake onto- red and green, yellow and purple and blue and orange.  When these were ready we began to place our milkshake tiles onto the cow, we stuck them on with PVA glue.

22.6.15 330

22.6.15 314


We had lots of fun and can’t wait to display our cow around school.

Mrs Wilcock and Reception

How does milk get from the farm to the shop?

cows being milkedWe have been looking this week at the different animals we might find on the farm, particularly cows.

One of the questions you wanted to find out was how did the milk get to the shop from the farm? We watched a video last week-

In the video William Whiskerson the mouse meets a little boy called Theo on his family farm. He showed us how female cows make milk and what happens to the milk next.

Can you remember the different things that happen to the milk before it gets to the shops?

I look forward to reading your replies

Mrs Wilcock