Monthly Archives: October 2016

PTFA Christmas Card Designs

The children have been busy developing their ripping and cutting skills to create these beautiful Christmas card designs ready for you to be able to purchase them in time for Christmas.  You should have received the original design to look at along with an order sheet. You can order them online (details were sent home).  Please place all online orders by Monday 7th November and return designs to school by Tuesday 8th November.


Meerkat Mail 2A sentences

The children have been practising writing 2A sentences about Sunny the meerkat, 2A sentences help to make their writing more interesting.  Take a look below at some of the sentences that they wrote.

Finding out about length

The children have been comparing lengths this week, they have compared objects to a metre stick and found things that are longer and shorter than a metre.  They know that length is measured in metres (m) and centimetres (cm).

Using the symbols < and > the children have been able to record their comparisons of everyday objects that we found in the classroom.  Using a 30cm ruler, they also learnt to measure accurately to the nearest cm.

Maths – Numerals & Words

The children have been busy writing numerals correctly along with spelling the words for numbers too.  They used Numicon and Dienes to make the amounts that they read in numerals or words.

The Kalahari Desert

Since Sunny left his suitcase for us to find we have been finding out about the Kalahari Desert.  We worked out that it is in Africa (we identified it on the world map) and then realised that it was towards the bottom of Africa after looking on a map of Africa.  We have been busy writing about the desert, some of the children’s work is below.  We had to describe what it was like.  We were given tasks to do to make our writing even better, you can see some examples of these tasks in the images below.