Knowsley Safari Park

On Wednesday the Year 2 children went to Knowsley Safari Park.  We had a fantastic day, the weather was extremely kind to us and the children were really well behaved, a real credit to our school.

We spent the day with two great guides, Ellie and Sue, who knew loads of interesting facts about wild animals, especially animals that you might find in Africa.  Can you remember any of the interesting facts that you learnt?  You can click on reply to tell us everything that you can remember.  Or click on a photo to tell us a fact about a specific animal and then reply, your fact will be linked to that animal.  Looking forward to reading all your interesting ideas.  Don’t forget your capital letters and full stops.

Sue took us around the Safari Drive and then told us all about Giant Land Snails, Snakes and Hissing Cockroaches, she even let us stroke them. ;)

Ellie took us on an African Safari to meet the Meerkats, we looked for Sunny from Meerkat Mail but couldn’t work out which one he was!  We also went to see the Giraffe and finally the Elephants.

We even managed to squeeze in a Sea-lion show where we met Arthur, Rodger and little Louey, they were very clever.

A truly amazing day had by all, thanks Knowlsely Safari Park.

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