Monthly Archives: December 2016

Meerkat Explanations

Take a look at the explanations that the children wrote about why meerkats are suited to living in the Kalahari Desert.  We decided that a question would be good to use for the title and that a 2A sentence would be a great way to introduce our piece of writing.  The children all tried really hard to include conjunctions to join their facts and reasons together.

Odd and Even Numbers

Next week we will be looking at odd and even numbers.

Odd and Even

Odd numbers:

  • can’t be divided by 2;
  • they end in a 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9.

Even numbers:

  • can be divided by 2;
  • they end in a 2, 4, 6, 8, or 0.

Check out the following games, play the game ‘Find Odd and Even Game’ to identify the odd and even numbers.

Check out the odd and even game here too:

Christmas Symmetry Patterns

Take a look at some of the Christmas symmetry patterns we created.

Giraffe Information Texts

We looked at what a good information text looked like and decided which features we would need to include in our own information texts.  The features we identified were:

  • a heading;
  • subheadings – questions;
  • conjunctions e.g. but, so that, if, so, while, because etc;
  • generalisers e.g. some, most, generally, mainly, mostly, usually etc;
  • a ‘did you know’ question to finish.

We then planned what we would write and developed a writers toolkit with ideas.  Take a look below at our information texts about giraffes.  Can you see any of the features?


During our English session today, we looked at ‘generalisers’.  Generalisers usually give us more information and usually tell us how often something happens.  Here are some examples of generalisers being used in sentences.  Can you think of any words that are generalisers?

Symmetry in everyday objects

This week we have been exploring symmetry, we started off by exploring our classroom and finding everyday objects that had lines of symmetry.  We know that something symmetrical has to be the same on one side as the other.  What can you find at home that has a line of symmetry?

We also explored some 2D shapes and found lines of symmetry in circles, squares and rectangles.