Monthly Archives: March 2017

Egg Decorating for Easter

We have had a great time decorating our eggs this afternoon! The children designed their eggs based on characters that we have learnt about this term from Aladdin or Winnie the Witch! Which characters can you spot?

Aladdin Lamps – Finished

The children produced beautiful and creative Aladdin lamps.  Take a look below at the finished products – the children were all so proud. ;)

Aladdin Lamps

aladin lamp

We had a great time making our very own Aladdin lamps, we had written instructions on how to make them so we knew exactly what we had to do.  We used our armatures (frames) to put the clay onto and spent a lovely morning smoothing the clay out, adding a base and a handle for the lid and finally etching into the wet clay with a selection of different tools.  We had to take care to not let the clay dry out, so we used a water spray to keep it damp enough to work with.

Take a look at the photos below of use creating our armatures and then completing the lamps by working with clay.

Repeating Patterns

The children have been busy exploring pattern.  They have used items from our classroom environment to make their own repeating patterns, they even took their own photos of their work!

How to fly a magic carpet!

On Thursday, the children wrote their very own instructions for how to fly a magic carpet. We talked about features to include, such as: Title, sub-headings, introduction with a question, equipment list, steps to follow and finally a top tip at the end! We are also trying hard to correct capital letters and full stops with our purple pens of power.

We think the children worked very hard and tried to include everything they needed to.  Have a look and see what you think!




Riding a Magic Carpet!


We took a magical ride on our very own magic carpets today!  The children thought carefully about the order that they would need to do things in and were very safety conscious (all were fitted with seat belts). Take a look at the photos of the children flying their carpets to their own very special destinations.

Repeated Patterns

repeated shape patterns

Next week in Maths the children will be exploring pattern.  They have to be able to identify what comes next in a repeated pattern.  Check out the following website to practise working out what comes next:

You could even make some repeated patterns of your own using your toys.  Why not have a go, choose 3 different toys, e.g. car, animal, animal, car, animal, animal.