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Next week we will be exploring how to write fractions:


We will also we exploring which fractions are equivalent to each other.

equivalent fractions 1

equivalent fractions 3

They also need to know that 1/3 is the same as 2/6 or 3/9.

World Book Day 2017!

To celebrate World Book Day, Year 2 came to school today dressed as characters from the story Aladdin. Their costumes look fantastic, take a look at the pictures!

Aladdin Workshop

We had a very exciting morning in Year 2 today because we took part in an Aladdin drama workshop with Gemma from the Altru Drama company.  The children played different warm up games and then acted out the tale of Aladdin, playing various characters and making scenes from the story using their bodies. We had lots of fun!


We followed a verbal set of instructions, the children enjoyed pretending to be monkeys after listening to all the steps.

The children have been busy identifying the features found in instructional texts.  They created a list of the features after reading instructions on how to make a loaf of bread.  Some children also created a key and linked to the colours that they had used when finding the features.


We tried to follow a set of instructions to make a paper heart, unfortunately I dropped the instructions on the floor and the order of them was mixed up.  The children knew that we had to follow them in the correct order, which we did.  Take a look at what happened when we followed them.  However we forgot to check out the link on the website to see the pictures which would have helped us to understand the instructions properly.

We learnt that we should read all of the information that we are given before trying to follow a set of instructions because then we would have been able to make a perfect heart each.  Check out the link and see if you can make a perfect heart.

Happy paper folding. ;)

Finding everyday objects longer/taller or shorter than a metre.

The children had a great time finding things in our classroom that are longer/taller or shorter than a metre.  Take a look below at the items that we found.