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Author of the term


Satoshi Kitamura is our new author. He is a very talented man and has written and illustrated many different types of books. Can you remember any facts about him?

Where was he born?

What books he has written?

What other things has he designed?

What was his job when he first moved to the UK?

What was his inspiration when writing books?

Stone Age Boy

stone age boy new


As you might have guessed our new topic is …. the Stone Age. Today, we looked at the front cover of our new book and we used our prediction skills to predict what it might be about. Lots of us thought that the children on the cover travelled into the Stone Age world by rubbing something they had found, just like in the story of the Magic Fossil. As we were turning each page, we couldn’t wait to find out what happened next.

Let me know what was your favourite part of the story and why?

My favourite part was when the boy was trying to work out if it had all been a dream and then he saw a picture of himself as a cave painting.

Art Day

On Friday 13th October, we worked with Mrs Rogers, who is our Artist in residence to produce a piece of Art work based on all our knowledge that we had acquired over our Dinosaur topic. In the weeks leading up to our final piece, we learnt new skills such as hatching and cross hatching and practiced sketching Dinosaurs using basic shapes.

cross hatching

We also looked at the plants and vegetation that would be found in each of the different Dinosaur eras and practiced sketching these as well.  Our final art pieces can be found in the art gallery – so please come and have a look, they are fantastic!!!



Last half term we were so busy exploring and finding out about Dinosaurs that by the end of the term what we didn’t know about Dinosaurs was not worth knowing. Our class book was the Magic Fossil written by M J Misra.

magic fossil 2

The story was about a boy called Max, who was Dinosaur mad. One day, he found a fossil at the beach, rubbed it and ended it up in a mysterious land- Dinosaur land. On his adventure he met a girl called Fern and encountered many dinosaurs such as a Stegosaurus and Dilophosaurus.  His main mission was to help a baby Allosaurus called Cory, who had lost his mother. Along with Fern, he eventually managed to find Cory a mother to look after him after encountering lots of problems on the way.  We didn’t want the story to end as we enjoyed it so much!

Let me know which was your favourite part of the story and why.

If you want to find out what happened to Max on his next adventures then are four more books to read!