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My favourite book….

As it is nearly World Book Day it got me thinking about the books I love to read! I love being transported to a different world when reading a book. I have lots of favourite books, but one of my favourite books is -


This is a story which follows the demise of a colony of dodos after the arrival of man, and of one small group of birds who made their escape and set up a new colony on a nearby island.

Let me know what you are reading at the moment and what the story is about.

Mrs Wilcock




Winter Olympics


 I hope you have all been watching the Winter Olympics as much as I have whilst you have been on half term. I have really enjoyed watching all the different sports especially the Curling and the Skeleton. Have you been watching any sports in particular? Let me know!

Great Britain have won 4 medals so far in South Korea. Can you name any of the people below and tell me what colour medals they won and in what sport?


I look forward to reading your replies

Mrs Wilcock

Egyptian Cinderella vs Cinderella

637-cinderella_label1 Egyptian Cinderella


As a class we have all been excited over the last few weeks reading the Egyptian Cinderella by Shirley Climo. As we have been reading a little bit of the book each week we have all really enjoyed predicting what we think will happen next. One of our tasks in the last week of term was to compare the similarities and differences between the Egyptian Cinderella and Cinderella. We looked at both the events of the story and the characters involved. Can you reply giving me some of the similarities and differences between the two stories.

I look forward to reading your replies

Mrs Wilcock