World Book Day


Books can transport you to another world, where you can explore new lands and have many great adventures. Which book has been your favourite adventure?

I am looking forward to reading your replies

Mrs Wilcock

14 thoughts on “World Book Day

  1. MG SP

    It is world book day and my favourite book is Charlotte’s web because it makes me HAPPY! MG
    It is world book day and my favourite book is Horrid Henry Tricks the Tooth Fairy because I like dentistry and this is about Henry tricking Peter and the Tooth Fairy. SP

  2. AC

    My favourite book is…Descendants because it is about 4 cool kids called Mal,Evie,Jay and Calos.The maIn character is Mal but my favourite character is Evie.

  3. GG LC

    My favourite book is Isadora Moon gets in trouble because the girl is half witch and half fairy, she is a vampire, that’s what makes it good every chapter, there’s even a pink dragon. LC
    My favourite book is a very secretive lady, a very boring Granny, she has white hair, false teeth, all she does is play Scrabble, eat cabbage soup but she’s an International Jewel Thief.GG

  4. OH RR

    My favourite Book is Wild About Dinosaurs because it tells you every Dinosaur OH
    My favourite book is The One Year Devotions For Kids because it has funny story’s in it.RR

  5. Amm KP

    My favourite book is A little princess because it’s got lots of detail about the characters.AMc
    My favourite book is DIARY of a Wimpy kid THE GETAWAY because it is funny. KP

  6. mm sc

    My favourite book is Where’s Wally?because it is really fun finding the characters Scu
    My favourite book is Goodnight Harry because it make’s me go to sleep. MM

  7. WD

    My favrouite book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Getaway because the character is called Greg and in all the books he always goes on a adventure. When he goes on a trip he always fails at it what his goal is to do.

  8. EW,CG

    EW My favourite book is My Treasury Of Bedtime Tales because when I read it I like to use my imagination when I read. It has Puss in boots,The little mermaid ,The valiant Tailor, Aladdin Tom Thumb, Snow white and much more great tales
    CG My favourite book is Justice League because I like the characters in it. I wonder what it would be like if I was there?

  9. MCr and ER

    My favourite book is the Animals of Farthing Wood because they go on adventures.
    My favourite book is the Worst Thing about my Sister because it’s fun.MC

  10. HR and LMA

    My favourite book is the BFG because if you go to the first chapter Sophie the little girl in it is stolen by the BFG and if you go to the back of the book there are ears that you can cut out and wear LMA
    My favourite book is a series of Unfortunate Events because I like the characters.HR

  11. LA AH

    LAn: My favourite book is Captain Underpants and Butterfly & Moth detectives handbook because they are interesting because there is lots of new caracters .

    AH: My favourite book is Diary of a Wimpy kid because there he goes on lots of adventures.

  12. Lyla

    Hi it’s Lyla my mum said my reply was good I have started to read the Witches that Sofia had and I have got another book that Sofia got me for my birthday called The Girl with the Lost Smile by Miranda hart from Lyla


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