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Summer 1

Last half term flew by and I can safely say we have had a great time, we really enjoyed learning about Volcanoes and Pompeii. We have learnt so much about volcanoes- why they erupt, how they erupt and where they are located. We have also kept a close eye on Mount Kilauea in Hawaii, as it is has been erupting for the last month. We have been working hard in Maths, especially learning how many days are in each month. In English we used all of our knowledge from the text Escape to Pompeii to write a diary entry. Which was your favourite part of last half term and why? My favourite part was learning so much about volcanoes and how to survive in a volcanic eruption.

This week

This week we have used our printing blocks in Art to make our final design. We have been learning how many days the different months of the year have. We also learnt how to say different foods in French. On Friday it was Sepsis day, so we dressed up in bright colours.  


Our Attendance this week is 98.8%

This week

This week in Art we printed with different materials. In Maths we solved multiplication and division problems.In English we have been writing a diary .In Geography we learned how to survive during a volcanic eruption.


Attendance 97.9%

This week

This week-

In English- we wrote a blurb for the book we have been reading- Escape to Pompeii.

In Maths we have been finding a tenth of a number.

In Science- we have been looking at pollination and Mrs Gren.

In Comprehension-we were looking at a text called- Daddy fell in the pond.

This attendance this week 95.7%