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This week

This week we have been -

  • Looking at bar charts and pictograms and solving problems in Maths.
  • Using personification to describe how the teacups and lanterns moved at the Mad Hatter’s Tea party.
  • Planning our setting descriptions in English.
  • Preparing for and taking part in Sports Day.
  • Making our Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Hats.

We also watched a production of the Railway Children, which we all really enjoyed. the-railway-children-childrens-classics-childrens-books1

Our attendance this week is 98.7%



This week

tea party table


In Science we looked at light sources. We had to sort objects into two categories- Light sources and non light sources.

In Maths we were looking at place value and solving lots of problems.

In DT,  we designed our hats for the Mad Hatters Tea Party and we joined our hats together with lots of different materials- staples, PVA glue, split pins, paper clips and rubber bands.

In English, we were describing the Mad Hatters house and the tea party table.


98.9% Attendance


This week




AH; We learned about our new topic Alice in Wonderland.We were doing perpendicular, parallel,vertical, horizontal lines in Maths. We read up to the chef throwing plates and the duchess looking after a pig pretending to be a baby in Alice in Wonderland. Our new topic in Science is light. SURPRISE! We’re going to a MAD HATTERS tea party in July. We need to wear a hat and  it needs to be strong so it wont fall off and needs to be .decorated based on a character from WONDERLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Attendance 95.7%